Our Daily Noise

Harvard University Graduate School of Design

In collaboration with Chris Bennett


Our daily experiences are interwoven with different noise patterns. We wanted to represent the noise level of events mapped by Harvard students on their ideal day, and to make speculations on an urban landscape viewed solely as a noise emitter.

All the activities by students are mapped as gradient imprints, classified by the noise level and by the hour of the day. The size of the marks is proportional to the level of noise experienced during the particular activity. In total, over 600 points were categorized for each of the students in the course. Instead of overlaying the noise levels with multiple unrelated data sets, this project sets out to explore the visual potential of noise intensity only. The outcome is a three-dimensional construct, where third dimension – depth – is used to display time.




Exhibited at the Grounded Visionaries show at the Harvard GSD in the Fall 2014.