Tracing Footsteps

Master of Architecture Thesis

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Advisor: Nasrine Seraji


PrintCity is not an enclosed entity operating within its own boundaries, but a complex construct of infrastructural networks and configurations continuously influenced by the natural environment. I engaged in this way of thinking by conducting a seemingly simple and partially empirical inquiry: measuring, tracing and visualizing the geographical extent of my Ecological Footprint.


This research creates a heightened awareness of one’s impact on Earth. Internal dynamics of cities (energy and water consumption, traffic etc.) and environmental systems (global water cycles, carbon cycles etc.) shape a phenomenon of intricate interdependencies in which one continuously informs the other. Inhabiting a city turns into a simultaneous engagement with both specific and sometimes very distant territories.

The elements of everyday infrastructure that most of us take for granted, such as water or electricity supply, are showed in a different light – as actors that link us and our everyday activities to the global air flows, water systems etc. The project acquires knowledge of these physical, biological and social processes and identifies them as essential for understanding the contemporary city, especially in terms of achieving sustainability.

By representing these urban and natural sites and its dynamics, the project places one’s environmental impact in context and reveals dependencies and interactions between the parameters of natural and urban environment.


TF_Danube River Basin




100530_power grid-winter_grid




Winner of the Würdigungspreis 2010, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Exhibited at the 5th Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, 2012